CRAVITY is back with new song “Flame”! Focus the cool visuals of the CRAVITY members !!

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CRAVITY which belongs to STARSHIP Entertainment same as MONSTA X.

CRAVITY won the rookie award for “2020 SOBA”.

CRAVITY is expected to play an active role in the future.

Such CRAVITY is back with a new song “Flame”!

CRAVITY 크래비티 'Flame' MV

This is the MV of CRAVITY’s new song “Flame” released on August 24th.

CRAVITY used to have a cute concept in the previous activity song “Cloud 9”, but the new song “Flame” had the cool concept.

The MV of “Flame” had a dark atmosphere, and Serim and Allen’s rap and Woobin’s powerful vocals were wonderful.

The part where Minhee danced in the center was also sexy and impressive.

Hyeongjun had red hair and Taeyoung had colorful hair.

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CRAVITY made a comeback with the new song “Flame”.

Focus on the cool performance of CRAVITY!

Please check it out♪