PENTAGON and ONF cover BLACK PINK “Kill This Love”! The arrangement is too great! !


Road to Kingdom where many popular idols such as PENTAGON, THE BOYZ, and ONF appear.

This is the male idol version of the popular show Queendom.

PENTAGON and ONF covered the BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” stage!

[ENG] Road to Kingdom [6회] ♬ Kill This Love(PTG&ONF Ver.) – 펜타곤X온앤오프 (원곡 BLACKPINK) @3차 경연 컬래버레이션무대

This is the stage of “Kill This Love” by PENTAGON and ONF, which was unveiled at Road to Kingdom.

Two pairs of collaborations, which were well received at the last competition, were talked about.

By the arrangement of PENTAGON Hui, who can also compose and write lyrics, it was “Kill This Love” which had a different atmosphere from the original song.

The atmosphere was dark and the chorus melody was wonderful!

Dance and rap were also arranged, and they were expressing the theme of the song well.

The other performers were surprised at the slightly chilling stage.

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Road to Kingdom is a hot topic every time.

PENTAGON and ONF’s “Kill This Love” won the 1st place.

I’m looking forward to the next stage♪

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