It became more manly! GOT7 is back with “NOT BY THE MOON” !!

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Got7 is a popular boys group of seven people.

GOT7 belongs to jyp entertainment as 2PM and Twice.

Speaking of GOT7, it’s a reputation for sharp performance.

GOT7 made a comeback with “NOT BY THE MOON” !


This is the MV of got7’s new song “NOT BY THE MOON”.

“NOT BY THE MOON” contains the message “infinite love” and “fantastic fantasy”.

When you look at the GOT7 members dressed in white costumes, you can feel a very mysterious atmosphere.

GOT7 which became more adult-like was a cool tune even if I take it.

Not only the performance, but also the strong vocals are the highlights.

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GOT7’s comeback activity starting from now on.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of live stage GOT7 is going to show!

Please check it out♪