August 8th is THE BOYZ YoungHoon’s birthday! BTS V’s fan, he is also active as an actor !!

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Quote from:THE BOYZ twitter
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THE BOYZ is famous because all the members are handsome.

In popular audition program Road to Kingdom, THE BOYZ won the title.

THE BOYZ is expected to play an active role in the future.

August 8th is THE BOYZ’s Young Hoon’s birthday!

Born August 8, 1997, Young Hoon became 23 years old.

Younghoon has been cute since he was a baby.

Yonghoon is one of the best-looking guys in THE BOYZ.

By the way, it’s BTS’s V that is Yonghoon’s role model!

BTS and THE BOYZ appeared together in the music program, and you can see Young Hoon excited about V, which was a hot topic.

When you watch the video, you can see that Young Hoon really loves V.

Younghoon also has a stuffed V character TATA.

Younghoon is definitely ARMY.

VIXX’s “Shangrila” covered by THE BOYZ at Road to Kingdom.

It was a fantastic stage, and the main character was Young Hoon.

It was a stage where Yong Hoon’s visuals shine.

THE BOYZ members were celebrating Younghoon’s birthday, who has various charms.

Each member was celebrating by posting a picture taken with Young Hoon.

Even if you look at any of the photos, Younghoon was really good looking!

Recently, Younghoon has been active in the drama.

Younghoon has been co-starring with Park JiHoon from Wanna One, and it’s a really cool collaboration.

Younghoon is attracting attention not only from the singer but also from the actor world.

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THE BOYZ YoungHoon has celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Younghoon’s cool looking visual is getting attention.

The fact that he is a big fan of BTS V and ARMY is also attractive.

I will continue to support Younghoon, who continues to be active in various fields♪