THE BOYZ and ONEUS cover Sunmi “Heroin”! Sunmi also expected the stage in Road to Kingdom! !

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Road to Kingdom is a hot topic every time.

Popular boy groups such as PENTAGON, THE BOYZ and ONF are appearing. I

I introduce the stage of “Heroin” covered by THE BOYZ and ONEUS!

This is the cover stage of Sunmi “Heroin” shown at Road to Kingdom.

The collaboration between THE BOYZ and ONEUS, which has been at the top of the list for many years, was filled with expectations.

It was a wonderful stage with a storyline, from their first rap to a couple’s dance.

At the end, all the names of the Road to Kingdom cast groups were shown on the monitor, and the other casts were also impressed!

It was a stage that matched the theme of “Heroin” and the song and dance were perfect!

It seems that Sunmi himself was expecting the stage of THE BOYZ and ONEUS.

The cover of songs by female idols by male idols has a different charm.

The collaboration between the two groups was wonderful.

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The stage of “Heroin” of THE BOYZ and ONEUS shown at Road to Kingdom.

It was a moving stage where we can feel the story.

Please check it out!