What’s height? Lee Chae Min is the new MC of Music Bank! Let’s check the chemistry with Wonyoung ♪

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MUSIC BANK, a music program broadcast in South Korea.

The other day, ENHYPEN Sung Hoon, who was a regular MC for Music Bank, graduated from MC, and everyone was paying attention to who the next MC would be.

And today, on September 23rd, it was announced that actor Lee Chaemin will serve as the new MC for Music Bank!


This is a photo posted on actor Lee Chae Min’s official Instagram.

Lee Chae Min is a 22-year-old actor who was born in 2000 and made his debut in the drama ‘High Class’.

Lee Chae Min’s height is 189cm !

Sung Hoon’s style was amazing, but Lee Chae Min’s style is also outstanding.

Lee Chaemin will be MC of Music Bank from the broadcast on September 30th!

Don’t miss the MC chemistry of Wonyoung and Lee Chaemin at Music Bank in the future♪