IU “Blueming” won the Digital Daesang at GDA2021 !

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Golden Disc Awards (GDA) 2021 to be held on January 9th and 10th.

January 9th was the award ceremony for the digital song category, and popular artists such as BTS, IU, MONSTA X, NU’EST, and MAMAMOO appeared.

IU “Blueming” won the Daesang in the digital song!

“Blueming” was released in November 2019, but it’s a song that continued to be a long hit in 2020.

The guitar melody matches the singing voice of IU, and you can feel happy just by listening.

A lot of blue appeared in MV, and IU’s blue hair became a hot topic.

The story is also an interesting MV, and the number of views has already exceeded 85 million!

IU’s performance at GDA was also great.

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After receiving the Daesang, there was also an encore performance of “Blueming” by IU.

IU who sang “Blueming” while wearing a mask was cute!

Please check out the GDA for the album section tomorrow (January 10th) ♪