Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, CLC Yeeun, KARD Jiwoo, Cheetah, Jamie will show “WITCH” at GOOD GIRL !!

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GOOD GIRL featuring many popular artists such as Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, Ailee, Cheetah, CLC Yeeun, and KARD Jiwoo.

A high quality stage is always talked about.

This time, I introduce the stage of “마녀사냥(WITCH)”, a collaboration between Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, CLC Yeeun, KARD Jiwoo, Cheetah and Jamie!

GOOD GIRL [6회/풀버전] 장예은 X 전지우 X 제이미 X 치타 X 효연 – 마녀사냥(WITCH) @두 번째 퀘스트 4R 200618 EP.6

This is the stage of “마녀사냥(WITCH)” that was shown at GOOD GIRL.

It’s too gorgeous for CLC and KARD to collaborate in Girls’ Generation!

All the members were cool.

Jamie’s transparent vocals attracted me.

Yeeun’s rap after that was really cool!

It was a stage full of highlights, including Jiwoo’s cool expression, Cheetah’s rap, and Hyoyeon’s dance.

Yeeun’s dance part was too sexy and cool.

Hyoyeon’s flow after that was too nice.

I was also attracted to the cool vocals of Jiwoo.

It was the best stage with many goose bumps.

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#GoodGirls 😈

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A commemorative photo with the performers was posted on the Instagram of Cheetah.

It had a hash tag of “# Good Girls”.

Everyone looks cool and strong from the picture!

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The stage of “마녀사냥(WITCH)” shown at GOOD GIRL.

It was a gorgeous stage with cool members gathering from Girls’ Generation to CLC and KARD.

Please check it out!