Horror stage is a topic! VERIVERY shows “PHOTO” in Kingdom! !

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Road to Kingdom is a popular stage with a high level.

It was a hot topic before the broadcast.

This time, I would like to introduce the stage of “PHOTO” that VERIVERY showed at Road to Kingdom!

This is the stage of VERIVERY “PHOTO” unveiled at Road to Kingdom.

VERIVERY that appeared with zombie style makeup.

The other co-stars were surprised at the scary stage like a horror movie!

The dance was perfect, and it was a powerful stage.

It was a stage you couldn’t take your eyes off to the end.

VIXX’s RAVI also gave VERIVERY advice and it was a stage where I could feel a lot of practice.

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“Road to Kingdom” where the topical stage is shown every time.

Besides VERIVERY, there were many amazing stages.

Please check it out!