BTOB 4U debuted as a unit with “Show Your Love”! Singing ability is a topic !!

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Quote from:BTOB twitter
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BTOB belonging to CUBE Entertainment.

Not only dance songs, but ballad songs are especially popular idol.

Recently, many members have been enlisted, and a unit called BTOB 4U was formed only by the members who were discharged.

Introducing the MV of BTOB 4U’s unit song “Show Your Love”!

This is BTOB 4U “Show Your Love” released on November 16th.

BTOB 4U is made up of four people: Eunkwan, Changsub, Peniel, and Minhyuk.

Fans are happy to hear BTOB’s song after a long time!

“Show Your Love” was a song with excellent singing ability of Eunkwan and Changsub, and rap of Peniel and Minhyuk.

The members’ performances also attracted attention in the MV!

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BTOB’s Sungjae, Hyunsik, and Ilhoon are enlisted.

I want to see the comeback of BTOB !

Please check out the unit activities of BTOB 4U ♪