MV release of new song “Apple” of GFRIND! Visual change is a topic !!

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GFRIEND belonging to Big Hit Entertainment.

GFRIEND has many hit songs.

The MV of such GFRIEND’s new song “Apple” has been released!

This is the MV of GFRIEND “Apple” released on July 13th.

The visuals of the GFRIEND members who had changed before the release of the MV were a hot topic.

SinB with red hair, Eunha and Yerin with yellow hair were beautiful!

On the MV of the new song “Apple”, Eunha ate an apple and fell down at the beginning.

It was a story reminiscent of Snow White.

After that, it was an MV where lots of apples appeared as in the title.

It’s like a fairytale story.

It was nice to dance in a black dress.

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GFRIEND is always showing new evolution.

The evolution of GFRIEND was also seen in the new song “Apple”.

From now on, GFRIEND will appear in music programs and promote comeback activities.

Please check it out♪