PENTAGON Hui participated in the composition of JO1 “OH-EH-OH”! ? What is the relationship between Ren Kawashiri and PENTAGON?

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JO1 born from Produce101 JAPAN.

JO1 is receiving attention not only from Japan but from all over the world.

It is said that PENTAGON Hui participated in the composition of JO1’s new song “OH-EH-OH”!

JO1’s new song “OH-EH-OH” that was unveiled at HEY!HEY!NEO! on August 1st.

In the “OH-EH-OH”, the performance of JO1 that was upgraded was shining.

The visuals of JO1 members were even cooler.

And, in “OH-EH-OH”, it became a hot topic that Hui was included in the composer name!

Hui is the leader of PENTAGON.

KPOP fans say that PENTAGON’s Hui may have participated in the composition of “OH-EH-OH”.

The “OH-EH-OH” was packed with sounds that make you feel KPOP.

In addition, the relationship between PENTAGON and Ren Kawashiri is also drawing attention.

Ren Kawashiri once served as a back dancer for PENTAGON!

If PENTAGON’s Hui was really involved in the composition of JO1’s new song “OH-EH-OH”, the connection with Ren Kawashiri is moving and dramatic.

Moreover, in “OH-EH-OH”, there is a center part by Ren Kawashiri.

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JO1 making a comeback with the new song “OH-EH-OH”.

The “OH-EH-OH” had a high quality performance.

The relationship with PENTAGON Hui was also a hot topic.

Please check it out♪