GFRIEND will end of their contracts with Source Music ! Is it disbanding? What are the future activities of the members?

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KPOP idol GFRIEND who is challenging various concepts.

GFRIEND made their debut in 2015 and become very popular.

It was announced that GFRIEND will end their contracts with Source Music on May 22nd!

This is the announcement posted on GFRIEND’s official Twitter account.

GFRIEND was a big success in 2020, and was active with two songs, “Apple” and “MAGO”.

Because GFRIEND was a group belonging to the same HYBE as BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN, etc., they were expected to play an active role in the future.

KPOP fans all over the world are surprised to hear that GFRIEND’s news !

Their contracts with Music Source will end, and it seems that they will follow each path, and other information has not been released yet.

It is rumored that GFRIEND may proceed with activities in a different office instead of disbanding!

It’s lonely to think that we can no longer see activities of GFRIEND 😢

The word of “gfriend” is a trend on Twitter, and it is attracting attention from all over the world.

It’s interesting to see what happens to the activities of GFRIEND members in the future.