iKON BOBBY will get married and become a dad! What is the reaction of the fans to the sudden news?


iKON belongs to YG Entertainment.

Recently, iKON appeared on KINGDOM and performed cool stages.

Today, on August 20th, iKON BOBBY announced that he will get married!

This is a handwritten letter posted on iKON BOBBY’s Instagram.

“I promised to marry my loved one, and in September I will be father.”

It was a sudden announcement, and BOBBY felt sorry for his fans.

BOBBY was born in December 1995 and is 25 years old.

It was shocking news because I thought it would be more future for BOBBY to get married and become a dad!

BOBBY’s marriage news has surprised fans all over the world and has become a trend on Twitter.

There were various opinions among iKON fans, and some fans supported marriage and others were disappointed.

Congratulations on the news, but since it was sudden, BOBBY’s fans still can’t organize their feelings.

I’m curious about the future activities of iKON and BOBBY!