What’s meaning of LE SSERAFIM? angel? Sakura & Chaewon will make their debut!

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IZ*ONE debuted from Produce48.

IZ*ONE ended its activities in April 2021, and now members are working solo and in new groups.

Today, on March 28th, it was announced that the name of the new girl group that Sakura Miyawaki and Chae Won will make their debut again is “LE SSERAFIM” !

This is a video posted on the official Twitter account of LE SSERAFIM.

“LE SSERAFIM” is the name that fans have long expected.

In this video, the sentence “IM FEARLESS” was replaced to “LE SSERAFIM” (anagram) .

“LE SSERAFIM” means “advance without fear of the eyes around us” like the sentence “I’m fearless”.

It’s a group name that has never been seen before, and it’s a cool name!

Many fans think that “LE SSERAFIM” is related to angel, and it seems to have various meanings.

Also, about “LE SSERAFIM”, in addition to Sakura Miyawaki and Chae Won, the members who debut together are also attracting attention.

Heo Yunjin who appeared in Produce48 is considered to be a candidate, and who is the rest of the members ?

Let’s check out the activities of LE SSERAFIM, which is scheduled to debut in May ♪