What’s meaning of RedVelvet’s “Chill Kill” ? The lyrics express a Bright Tragedy! ?


RedVelvet belongs to SM Entertainment.

RedVelvet is scheduled to make a comeback today, November 13th, with their new album “Chill Kill”.

The MV teaser for the title song “Chill Kill” was released !

This is the MV teaser for RedVelvet’s “Chill Kill” released on YouTube.

Photos and videos related to “Chill Kill” have been released so far, and the horror-like story has attracted attention.

The fans’ expectations are high because of the story that only Red Velvet can express.

I’m curious about the meaning of the title song “Chill Kill” !

“Chill Kill” has the meaning of “an incident or presence that breaks the silence.”

The lyrics of “Chill Kill” seem to express a “Bright Tragedy.”

Let’s check out the full MV of RedVelvet’s “Chill Kill” which will be released♪