What’s meaning of StrayKids “Comflex” ? The confident lyrics are amazing!


StrayKids belongs to JYP Entertainment.

Today, StrayKids made a comeback with their new album “樂-STAR”.

This time I will introduce the meaning of the song “COMFLEX” from “樂-STAR”!

This is the tracklist for “樂-STAR” posted on StrayKids’ official Twitter.

In addition to the title song “樂(LALALA)”, several new songs were included.

“COMFLEX” is the fourth track, and 3RACHA is involved in the production.

I’m curious about the meaning of the song title “COMFLEX”.

“COMFLEX” is a coined word combining “complex” and “flex”.

So, “COMFLEX” has the meaning of “we flex our complex” !

The lyrics of “COMFLEX” contain the confidence that “even weaknesses can be overcome as strengths.”

I.N also said that he likes “COMFLEX”.

I’d like to see StrayKids perform “COMFLEX” at concert someday♪