NiziU appeared in MV of Stray Kids 「Back Door」 ! Following the Gods Menu, it became a hot topic again !!

Quote from:YouTube

Stray Kids made a comeback with the new song “Back Door”.

The strong performance of the climax was a cool MV.

NiziU appeared in the music video for Stray Kids “Back Door”!

This is the music video for Stray Kids’ new song “Back Door” released on September 14th.

The performance of the MV is cool, and the appearance of NiziU members has become a hot topic!

NiziU also appeared in the previous song “God’s Menu”, and it also appeared in the new song “Back Door”, and it seems that the story continues.

Rima and Maya in school uniform and NiziU members in white hoodies were a little appeared.

It was a wonderful music video between idols who belong to the same JYP Entertainment.

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Stray Kids will be appearing on a Korean music program and will promote the comeback activity of “Back Door”.

I’m looking forward to the cool live performance of Stray Kids!

Please check it out ♪