Hairstyles of Hyunjin and Felix are hot topics! Stray Kids come back on September 14th with “IN生” !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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Stray Kids belongs to the same JYP entertainment as 2PM and TWICE.

StrayKids is very popular for its powerful performance.

The performance song “God’s Menu” also showed a cool performance.

StrayKids will make a comeback on September 14th with the repackage album “IN生”!

This is a trailer video of Stray Kids “IN生” released on August 24th.

Hyunjin’s hair color changed !

Hyunjin had long pink hair.

Felix had long silver hair and had lame makeup under his eyes!

In addition, Bangchan’s red hair was also cool.

The “GO生” was also very powerful, and the “IN生” is also likely to see a powerful performance!

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StrayKids is making a comeback with the repackage album “IN生”.

Although only the trailer has been released, it is already getting attention from the world.

Please check it out♪