Stray Kids Hyunjin is devil !? He whispered to Felix ! The ending in “ODDINARY” is a hot topic!


Stray Kids belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids has held the fan meeting “2ND #LoveSTAY’SKZ’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY'” on February 12th and 13th.

And it was announced that Stray Kids will make a comeback with “ODDINARY”!

This is the trailer of “OD DINARY” posted on the official Twitter of Stray Kids.

The main character of the trailer of “ODDINARY” was Felix.

LeeKnow, Bang Chan, Seungmin, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, and I.N appeared in order, and they are so cool.

The ending was a hot topic, and Hyunjin whispered to Felix “Do you want to be ODDINARY”!

Hyunjin like a devil, and Felix’s face expression was also impressive.

Let’s check the information on future Stray Kids “ODDINARY” ♪