StrayKids Hyunjin’s smartphone case is cute! Pay attention to Toy Story’s Forky!

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StrayKids who belong to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids will appear in Kingdom, which is scheduled to be broadcast from April 2021, and they are expected to play an active role.

This time, I would like to introduce StrayKids Hyunjin’s cute smartphone case!

Here is a picture of Hyunjin posted on the official Instagram of StrayKids.

There was a comment saying “Thank you for Bonsang 😘”.

Thank you to the fans for Bonsang at the Seoul Music Awards.

Hyunjin was taking a selfie and the Toy Story’s Forky on the smartphone case was cute!

The Chanel accessories were also fashionable and lovely.

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Hyunjin has recently changed his hair color from blonde to black hair!

Hyunjin looks good on both blonde and black hair.

We also support the success of StrayKids in 2021 ♪