Stray Kids Changbin celebrates ATEEZ Wooyoung’s birthday! Pay attention to the friendship of popular idols!

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Quote from:ATEEZ twitter
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Popular KPOP boy group ATEEZ.

ATEEZ is a very popular group not only in Korea but all over the world.

November 26th is ATEEZ Wooyoung’s birthday!

This is V Live broadcast by Wooyoung to commemorate his birthday.

Wooyoung answered many questions from his fans.

Stray Kids Changbin also celebrated Wooyoung’s birthday!

It seems that Wooyoung lied to Changbin , “It’s not my birthday today,” and bothered Changbin .

Wooyoung’s cute mischief was funny.

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ATEEZ Wooyoung and Stray Kids Changbin have long been known for their close friendhips.

I’m looking forward to the future friendship between Wooyoung and Changbin ♪

Happy Birthday Wooyoung 🎉