On April 6th, SEVENTEEN MINGYU’s birthday!MINGYU is tall handsome and is beautiful to the heart!

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SEVENTEEN is very popular in Japan.

The performance from 13 people is a masterpiece.

The members are good friends, and the character full of individuality is also popular.

April 6th is the birthday of SEVENTEEN Mingu!

Mingyu is working as a rapper in SEVENTEEN.

He is a member who boasts the perfect visual of handsome and excellent style in the tall.

He has also worked as an MC for SBS popular songs, and he’s fluent in the art of speaking.

Mingu is very kind.

The love of SEVENTEEN fans carat and family is exceptional.

Mingu is a perfect boy not only handsome but also beautiful to the heart.

I look forward to Mingu’s success as SEVENTEEN in the future.