The ribbons of Felix and I.N are cute! Stray Kids Released “ALL IN” Halloween Version !!

Quote from:StrayKids Japan Official twitter

StrayKids has released a new Japanese original song “ALL IN”.

The first appearance on Music Station has also been decided, and it has become a hot topic.

StrayKids has released the Halloween version of “ALL IN”!

This is the Halloween version of Stray Kids “ALL IN” posted on YouTube.

StrayKids members were dancing “ALL IN” in a relay.

Bats, pumpkins, and ribbon headbands were cute costumes!

It was interesting that Felix and I.N were wearing ribbons.

Hyunjin and Han looked good in witch hats.


StrayKids is very popular in Japan.

When “ALL IN” was released, the word “There are no STOP search results” was also a trend on Twitter.

Please check out the Stray Kids stage at Music Station ♪