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StrayKids Hyunjin’s eyebrow piercing, Felix’s ponytail is wonderful! They performed “CASE143” at Music Bank!

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StrayKids has made a comeback with the new album “MAXIDENT”.

The music video for StrayKids’ title song “CASE143” has been released and is receiving hot reactions from all over the world.

On October 7th, StrayKids performed the comeback stage of “CASE143” on Music Bank broadcast today!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= OoGHbo4l8Gw

This is the comeback stage of StrayKids “CASE143” released on YouTube.

Even though StrayKids just made a comeback today, they immediately appeared on Music Bank.

The sailor outfit was cute.

They each had different hairstyles, and it was a stage full of highlights.

Hyunjin was wearing eyebrow piercing stickers.

Hyunjin’s new hairstyle was so nice😆

And Felix had ponytail!

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