NiziU made their first appearance on Music Station! Showed “Make you happy” in the MV costume !!

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Quote from:NiziU twitter
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NiziU officially debuted in December.

Their pre-debut song “Make you happy” is all the rage.

NiziU made its first appearance at Music Station , which was broadcast on October 30th!

This is NiziU who appeared on Music Station.

NiziU members were also pleased with the long-awaited appearance on Music Station.

The costume that NiziU wore was the same as the MV for “Make you happy”, and the live performance was wonderful!

It’s a pity that Miihi wasn’t there, but everyone was doing their best for Miihi.

The talk with Mr. Tamori was also interesting!

The video of the Nizi project was also shown, and all the members were introduced.


NiziU will debut on December 2nd with a new song “Step and a step”.

I’m wondering what kind of debut song it is!

Please check the information on NiziU in the future ♪