SEVENTEEN Dino and StrayKids Changbin are friends! ? 99line idols’ friendship is a hot topic!


Dino, the youngest member of SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN members, including Dino, have made a comeback with the new song “Hot”.

In SEVENTEEN’s video released the other day, the relationship between Dino and Stray Kids Changbin was a hot topic! =-lrxsli3V88

This is a video of SEVENTEEN posted on Dispatch’s official YouTube.

SEVENTEEN members visited the D’FESTA event held by Dispatch.

And there was a scene where SEVENTEEN members mentioned the relationship between Dino and Stray Kids Changbin!

Dino and Changbin are the same age born in 1999.

Seungkwan found a photo of Changbin and said that Dino sould greet Changbin’s photo because Changbin and Dino are friends.

Previously, Dino had a dance collaboration with TXT Yeonjun at TikTok.

The friendship of 99 line idols is wonderful😆

I’m looking forward to the future exchange between Dino and 99 line idols ♪