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StrayKids Seungmin’s pink hair is cute! “CASE143” MV teaser released!

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StrayKids will release a new album “MAXIDENT” on October 7th.

The title song is “CASE143”, and the title is attracting attention.

Today, October 3rd, the MV teaser for StrayKids “CASE143” has been released!

This is the music video teaser for “CASE143” posted on StrayKids’ official Twitter account.

It was a cute MV teaser with StrayKids members running with heart-shaped balloons.

The second half is a completely different story, like the title “CASE 143”, I’m curious about the case!

Seungmin’s pink hair caught our attention!

In the scene of running with balloons, I could see pink hair from Seungmin’s hat.

The pink hair was perfect for cute Seungmin, and it looked really good😆

Don’t miss the full MV of StrayKids “CASE143” which will be released soon♪