Stray Kids Hyunjin became short hair! ? Felix has blue hair! Show off “DOMINO” at Music Bank!


Stray Kids made a comeback with their new album “NO EASY”.

The title song is “Thunderous”, and cool performances are popular.

Stray Kids performed “DOMINO” at the Music Bank broadcast on September 24th!

DOMINO – Stray Kids [뮤직뱅크/Music Bank] | KBS 210924 방송

This is the stage of Stray Kids “DOMINO” that was broadcasted at Music Bank.

The concept was different from “Thunderous”, and it was powerful from the beginning!

It was a stage with wonderful singing, rap, and performance.

The topic was StrayKids member’s new hairstyle!

Hyunjin used to have long hair, but his hair became shorter.

Hyunjin looked like little younger.

Furthermore, Felix had a blue hair color!

Seungmin’s hair also had blue highlights , which fits well with the concept of “DOMINO” 😆

Let’s check out the performance of “DOMINO”, which is full of highlights ♪