iKON will join Kingdom ! ? TVXQ selected as MC! Popular idols with StrayKids, ATEEZ, THE BOYZ are talked about! !!

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The popular survival program “Road to Kingdom”.

Many popular idols such as PENTAGON, ONF, and Golden Child appeared.

The winner of “Road to Kingdom” was THE BOYZ, and they got the right to participate in the Kingdom.

It was announced that iKON is considering appearing in Kngdom!

iKON is an artist who belongs to YG Entertainment, and “LOVE SCENARIO” released in 2018 was a big hit.

Recently, BOBBY is preparing a solo comeback.

iKON is considering appearing in Kingdom, so kpop fan’s expectations for Kingdom are even higher.

Also, TVXQ has been decided as the MC of Kingdom!

I’m wondering which other KPOP groups will appear in Kingdom.

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At 2020MAMA, the stage of Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and THE BOYZ was shown.

The dance performances of Hyunjin, San, and Juyeon were really cool!

I can’t wait for the first broadcast of Kingdom scheduled to air in April ♪