Beautiful as ever! Group photo of Girl’s Generation is hot topic! !

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KPOP legend group Girl’s Generation.

KPOP boom sparked all over the world, and they are still promoting individual activities.

Recently, there is no group activity of Girl’s Generation, but their bond continues.

This time, I would like to introduce the group photo of Girls’ Generation posted on SeoHyun’s Instagram!

Here is a group photo of Girl’s Generation posted on Seohyun’s official Instagram.

It seems to have gathered for the first time in a long time to participate in the wedding of the manager who was in charge at the time of the activity.

I was happy to see the photograph that Girl’s Generation gathered after a long time.

All the members are beautiful as usual!

By the way, he sang “kissing you” at the wedding.

I envy the manager to be able to celebrate from Girl’s Generation.

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It is a group photograph of a very precious Girl’s Generation.

It was good to see everyone’s energetic face after a long time.

I look forward to group activities as Girl’s Generation♪