RedVelvet’s “Chill Kill” MV theory is a hot topic! murder and arson? Who is the culprit?


RedVelvet belongs to SM Entertainment.

Today, November 13th, RedVelvet made a comeback with their new album “Chill Kill”.

Fans are excited about the MV theory about “Chill Kill”!

This is the MV for RedVelvet’s “Chill Kill” released on YouTube.

Several teasers and photos have been posted regarding “Chill Kill” so far.

The story of “Chill Kill” attracted a lot of attention.

The music video for “Chill Kill” started with a scene where RedVelvet members were taking pictures.

There was another person in the background who had been decapitated.

In the next scene, the four people were celebrating Yeri with a cake.

At that time, there was a noise from another room, and Wendy entered first.

When other members entered later, there was blood floating around Wendy, and she was holding a stone with blood on it.

Wendy probably killed someone, and members tried to hide it.

Wendy was worried about the murder, and Joy was also suffering.

At the end, they burned down the house to erase the evidence.

It was impressive to see RedVelvet members running out with smiles.

However, in the end, they were surrounded by the police.

Even though they were surrounded by police cars, they were smiling and dancing, as if they expressed “Happy Ending”!

At the end, they were holding hands, and it was a scene that really conveyed the bond of Red Velvet.

There are still many things I’m curious about, such as who was killed and why only Irene wasn’t laughing at the end!

The song “Chill Kill” has a horror beginning and a happy chorus, and is called “bright tragedy.”

Let’s check out RedVelvet’s comeback activity with “Chill Kill”♪