Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” and “Psycho” MV theory is a hot topic!

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Red Velvet, a popular girl group belonging to SM Entertainment.

In 2021, Red Velvet made a comeback with “Queendom” for the first time in a while.

The MV teaser for Red Velvet’s new song “Feel My Rhythm” has been released!

This is the MV teaser for “Feel My Rhythm” posted on Red Velvet’s official Twitter account.

Various photos have been released so far, and the concept is drawing attention.

Red Velvet is always trying new concepts and this outfit is also cute 😆

There are many mysterious points, and fans are thinking about various things.

Some fans talk about the relationship between “Psycho” and “Feel My Rhythm” MV!

“Psycho” is a big hit song of Red Velvet released in 2019.

In the MV of “Psycho”, there is a scene where Irene knit the costume.

Some fans said that the costume she made in “Psycho” was the costume in “Feel My Rhythm”.

I still don’t know what the real relationship is, but it would be interesting if “Psycho” and “Feel My Rhythm” were connected 😆

Don’t miss the MV release of Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm” to be released on March 21st ♪