KWANGYA is a hot topic! ? Red Velvet “Queendom” MV was released!

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Red Velvet, a popular girls group belonging to SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet has released many hit songs such as “Red Flavor” and “Psycho”, and is a famous idol all over the world.

The music video for Red Velvet’s new song “Queendom” has been released!

This is the music video for Red Velvet’s “Queendom” released on August 16th.

It was the first comeback of Red Velvet in a long time, so fans all over the world were paying attention.

It was a MV full of highlights, and there are cuteness, beauty, and a mysterious atmosphere 😆

Fans were paying attention to whether “KWANGYA” would appear in the lyrics!

Recently, “KWANGYA” has appeared in the songs of aespa, EXO, and NCT and has become a hot topic, but “KWANGYA” did not appear in RedVelvet’s new song “Queendom”.

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Red Velvet is planning to appear in each music program and promote the comeback activity of “Queendom”.

I’m looking forward to their performance after a long time!

Let’s check the success of Red Velvet in the future ♪