Too kind RedVelvet’s IRENE support for God! IRENE call does not stop! !


RedVelvet is very popular in Korea.

RedVelvet is popular all over the world, and there are a lot of girls who make up and fashion.

This time, I’d like to introduce the god response to the fans that IRENE, the leader of RedVelvet, showed at the handshake party.

[ENG] 팬들 감동시킨 아이린의 사이다 Irene, SeulGi impressed fans : 레드벨벳 팬사인회 Red Velvet fansign : 라이브플라자 190901

In order to protect the safety of RedVelvet, there are many rules set for the handshake meeting.

The popular RedVelvet attracted a lot of fans from the top to the bottom of the venue.

Seulgi began to talk to the fans who came to see it.

In that conversation, the fans above found that the photo was OK, and the fans below had a rule called photo NG.

IRENE broke the rules when she saw the sad state of the fans who came all the way to see it.

The photo shoot of the fan under which it was prohibited was OK!

The fans who heard it were taking out the camera all at once.

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The words of Irene, who was full of masculinity, were filled with “ Bae Joo-Hyun ” calls.

Irene breaking the rules of the handshake party is cool.

God support ed for the fans who came with great pains.

Irene is not only beautiful visuals, but also beautiful to the heart!

I want to support it from now on♪