Red Velvet Yeri posted about NCT Mark’s solo song “Child”! Taeil, Doyoung, Ten, Kun, etc. everyone support Mark “Child”!

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NCT Mark is very popular.

Mark released his solo song “Child” on February 4th, which has become a hot topic.

NCT members support Mark “Child” !

This is posted on NCT Mark’s Instagram story.

Ten, Doyoung, and Kun each promoted Mark’s solo song “Child” in their Instagram story.

Taeil and Xiaojun were also reacting well, and the friendship between NCT members was touching 😆

In addition, also Red Velvet Yeri posted about Mark’s “Child”!

This is posted on the story of Yeri’s Instagram.

There was a comment saying “Mark ah you’re cool you’re all grown up… “.

After that, Mark responded to Yeri’s Instagram story by saying, “i was originally bigger than you,” and it was a cute conversation.

Yeri and Mark were born in 1999 and are famous for spending their trainee days together before their debut.

I want to listen to “Child” that Mark sings live someday ♪