Members cry at EXO Encore Live! A letter from Chanyeol ♪


EXO held “EXO PLANET # 5-EXplOration[dot]” as an encore concert in Seoul for three days from December 29 to 31.

D.O who was enlisted came to the viewing and it was a wonderful live.

And, on December 31 of the tour last, there was a scene where EXO members were crying!

20191231 엑소 콘서트 찬열의 서프라이즈 영상편지 [Chanyeol's secret VCR to surprise EXO members at EXplOration]

This is a video posted on EXO Chanyeol’s YouTube channel.

When Baekhyun says to Sehun, “A word to Suho” and Sehun got emotional and cried.

After that, Baekhyun was hugging him right away.

Suho was also surprised and rushed to Sehun.

Suho has been taking care of Sehun for a long time, so it was a moving scene.

Kai was crying too!

Chanyeol, who comforts Kai, was cool.

It was like a real brother.

There was also a surprise video from Chanyeol to the members.

It is packed with memories from EXO’s debut.

EXO members were also moved and cried.

The comments from EXO leader, Suho, were also great.

It was a heartwarming message.

The lyrics of the song “Angel” that was shown at this live are the songs that EXO sang for EXO-L, and the lyrics are wonderful.

Please check it out ♪

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EXO’s encore live was very moving.

I’m looking forward to EXO’s activities in 2020 ♪