The co-starring of aespa KARINA and EXO KAI has become a hot topic! Show off a splendid duet dance !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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aespa will debut from SM Entertainment in November.

WINTER, KARINA, NINGNING, GISELLE is a group consisting of 4 people.

aespa KARINA and EXO Kai co-starred!

This is a collaboration video of aespa KARINA and EXO Kai released on YouTube.

In the advertisement video of Hyundai Motor, the dance of KARINA and Kai in front of the car was wonderful.

The story that started with the elevator and ended with the elevator was also interesting.

The fun dance in the woods was also cute.

Of course Kai’s dance was good, and KARINA’s dance was also a splendid and cool performance.

It was a hot performance because there was a scene where the distance between the two people became closer.

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aespa KARINA previously participated as a dancer in SHINee Taemin’s solo song “WANT”.

Since that time, KARINA who is good at dancing have been attracting attention.

Please pay attention to KARINA’s activity in aespa ♪