Rumors of aespa’s new member are a hot topic! A new avatar was talked about in the “Next Level” MV!

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Quote from:YouTube
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aespa made a comeback with the new song “Next Level”.

In “Next Level”, their cool performance is attracting attention !

Fans are talking about the new avatar that appeared in the MV of “Next Level” !

This is the MV for aespa “Next Level” released at 18:00 on May 17th.

Vocals, dance, everything was cool.

What attracted attention was the scene where a new avatar appeared! (Around 2 minutes and 6 seconds)

It became a hot topic because it was a short hair avatar, who is different from avator of aespa members that have been released so far.

It was rumored that this avator is new members of aespa, but I’m curious about the identity of this avatar.

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When the MV for “Next Level” was released, the words related to “aespa” and “Next Level” were trend on Twitter!

aespa is attracting attention from all over the world, and I’m looking forward to their future activities 😆

Please check out the come back activities of “Next Level” ♪