Billlie Tsuki and aespa Ningning are friends! ? They were the same SM trainees!

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Tsuki , a Japanese member who is active in Billlie.

In the new song “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)”, Tsuki’s fancam is very popular and has been played over 6.7 million times.

Yesterday, in YouTube video “문명특급” released on April 7, the relationship between Tsuki and aespa Ningning was a hot topic!

This is “문명특급” posted on YouTube.

“문명특급” is a popular YouTube content by Jaejae, and many idols have appeared so far.

Continuing from the last time, INFINITE Sung Jong, IZ*ONE Eun Bi, and Tsuki appeared.

Tsuki was talking about Ningning with Jaejae on car!

Tsuki made her debut as Billlie from MYSTIC STORY, but was a trainee of SM Entertainment before.

Tsuki was born in 2002 and was friend with Ningning of the same age.

I’m wondering if Tsuki knows other aespa members!

I would like to see Tsuki and Ningning co-star on stage♪