Introducing the profile of KARINA (Yoo Jimin) of aespa! Real name, age, birthplace, position, trainee period !!

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Quote from:aespa twitter
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aespa, whose debut was decided in November.

Since aespa will debut from the major entertainment agency SMTOWN, people all over the world are paying attention.

This time, I would like to introduce KARINA’s profile of aespa!

Real name: Yoo Jimin

Age: 20 years old (born 2000)

Birthplace: South Korea

Position: Vocal , Rap , Dance

Trainee period: 4 years

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KARINA (Yoo Jimin) is a member who has been talked about as a debut candidate of aespa from early on.

KARINA have also worked as a dancer for SHINee Taemin’s “WANT”.

Because KARINA is good at dancing, pay attention to KARINA’s performance at aespa!

Please check out the future activities of aespa ♪