aespa Karina has purple hair, Winter has ash grey, Ningning has blonde hair, and Giselle has brown hair! ? Their hair color change is a hot topic ♪

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aespa belonging to SM Entertainment.

In 2021, aespa gained global popularity with the song “Next Level”.

Today, April 20th, aespa has left for Los Angeles, USA to perform at the Coachella Festival!

This is a video and photo of aespa at the airport posted on the official Instagram of KOREA DISPATCH.

Many reporters and fans gathered to shoot aespa members.

Recently, the hair color of aespa members has become a hot topic!

In this video and photo at the airport, the new hair color of aespa members was revealed.

Karina had purple hair, Winter had ash grey hair, Giselle had brown hair, and Ningning had blonde hair 😆

In “Savage”, Winter’s bob hair was so cute, but she changed to long hair.

Winter looks great with long hair and is so beautiful.

At the Coachella Festival, aespa’s new song will be performed, so I’m really looking forward to it ♪