SEVENTEEN Vernon’s “kiss me baby” in “Darl+ing” is a hot topic!

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The new song “Darl+ing” released by SEVENTEEN.

“Darl+ing” is the first English single released by SEVENTEEN, and their global activities are attracting attention.

Yesterday, April 16th, the first performance video of SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” was released!

This is a performance video of SEVENTEEN “Darl+ing” released on MTV’s YouTube channel.

The singing that started with Vernon is wonderful, and their suit outfits were great.

“Darl+ing” is a healing song, and their performance is so amazing.

The English lyrics sung by SEVENTEEN are attracting attention, especially Vernon’s “kiss me baby” is a hot topic!

At the climax, there was Vernon’s “kiss me baby” part following Joshua, and it was popular with the “Darl+ing” MV teaser.

The choreography to kiss the wrist was so cool 😆

Vernon’s “kiss me baby” is getting a hot reaction all over the world.

SEVENTEEN’s fan meeting will be held in Japan soon, so “Darl+ing” may be performed♪