aespa’s live vocals are so great at Coachella 2022! “Life’s too short”, “aenergy”, “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, “Savage” were performed!

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aespa belonging to SM Entertainment.

aespa has released hit songs such as “Next Level” and “Savage” one after another.

And today, aespa performed at the Coachella Festival!

First, aespa performed “aenergy”.

It was a song that was rarely shown, so it was surprise for aespa fans.

Many local fans were excited about the appearance of aespa, and I felt their global popularity.

aespa’s live vocals became a hot topic at Coachella!

It was a performance to be able to listen to the live vocals of aespa.

With a powerful singing voice, aespa’s live performance was so cool!

There were lots of hit song stages such as “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, and “Savage”, and the vocals of Ningning and Winter were amazing 😆

And what attracted particular attention in this Coachella was aespa’s new song “Life’s too short”!

The English version of “Life’s too short” was performed.

I was wondering what kind of song it was, and “Life’s too short” is a wonderful song.

It was a perfect song for concert.

I hope aespa will hold a world tour someday ♪