aespa Giselle dances Somi’s “XOXO”! How did the two become friends? The friendship of popular idols has become a hot topic!

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Somi made a comeback with the new song “XOXO”.

Somi was originally a trainee of JYP Entertainment and a member who was also a candidate for TWICE.

Somi debuted as the center of I.O.I, and is now popular as a solo artist.

aespa’s Giselle challenged Somi’s “XOXO” dance !

This is a video posted on Somi’s official Instagram.

TWICE Chaeyoung, 2AM Jo Kwon, and GOT7 BamBam have challenged the “XOXO” dance.

This time it was Giselle of aespa who belongs to SM Entertainment!

When Giselle posted about Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” before, Somi reacted Giselle’s post and it seemed that they became friends from there.

Because they are popular idols, I hope they will continue to show their good friendships 😆

Let’s check the future activities of Somi and aespa ♪