The friendship between aespa Giselle and ITZY Yeji is a hot topic! They were same age (00line) !

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Quote from:ITZY instagram
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aespa made a comeback with new song “Savage”.

aespa has released “Black Mamba” and “Next Level” before, and all of them are popular songs.

aespa “Savage” won the 1st place in Show Music Core broadcast on October 16th, and the encore stage was shown!

This is the encore stage of aespa “Savage” released on YouTube.

Attention was paid to the friendship between aespa and ITZY members who were also candidates for the first place.

Ryujin was approaching Karina and she was singing “Savage” a little together.

Yeji and Giselle also sang together !

Giselle and Yeji are the same age (00 line).

Their friendship that was unknown until now has become a hot topic.

The live song of “Savage” by aespa was also very good, so let’s check it out ♪