What meanings of ITZY “CHESHIRE” ? The concept is so cool!

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ITZY belongs to JYP Entertainment.

ITZY’s dance performances are cool and popular all over the world.

On November 30th, ITZY will make a comeback with the new album “CHESHIRE”!

This is the concept film of the new album “CHESHIRE” posted on ITZY’s official Twitter.

ITZY members were dressed in black, and the concept is wonderful.

The accessories such as rings, earrings, and bracelets are gorgeous, and they look really nice😆

I wonder what “CHESHIRE” means!

“CHESHIRE” seems to have meanings such as “grinning” and “laughing with gums out.”

The Cheshire Cat that appears in “Alice in Wonderland” is also attracted attention.

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Currently, ITZY is holding a world tour “CHECKMATE”.

At 2022 MAMA, ITZY is planning to perform their first comeback stage with “CHESHIRE”, so I’m really looking forward to it😆

Don’t miss the information about future ITZY “CHESHIRE”♪