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ITZY’s new song “Not Shy” MV teaser video released! Cool Ryujin is a hot topic !!

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ITZY belongs to the same office as TWICE.

ITZY will make a comeback on August 17th with the new song “Not Shy”.

An MV teaser video of ITZY’s new song “Not Shy” has been released!


This is the MV teaser video of ITZY’s new song “Not Shy” released on August 12.

ITZY member’s visual change was a hot topic in the “Not Shy” released so far.

The teaser video of “Not Shy” started with a powerful song by Ryujin.

Ryujin was really cool.

After that, Yuna became the center and danced.

It was a little video, but it seemed like another big hit!

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ITZY is getting more attention with the teaser video release of “Not Shy”.

The teaser video has exceeded 5 million playbacks within a day.

ITZY is becoming more and more popular.

I’m looking forward to the release of the new song “Not Shy”♪