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ITZY Yeji celebrated Kep1er Mashiro’s debut! Yeji said Mashiro’s good personality! Impressed by the friendship that has continued since JYP trainee !

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Kep1er formed from the audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

In Kep1er, there are two Japanese members, Hikaru Esaki and Mashiro (Mashiro Sakamoto).

Mashiro is a former JYP Entertainment trainee, and she is famous as ITZY’s friends.

On October 24th, the talk about Mashiro was noticed on V Live broadcasted by ITZY Yeji!

This is V Live broadcasted by ITZY Yeji.

Yeji answered the comments from the fans for a long time alone.

The topic of attention was about Kep1er Mashiro.

When fans commented that Mashiro will debut as Kep1er, Yeji said “I know” and Yeji said that she called Mashiro before!

“Please love Mashiro a lot. I’ve never seen such a kind sister who is hard and sincere. She is very kind. I was with her when I was a trainee, so I really support her personally. I was very happy to hear about her debut. “

I was impressed to find that Yeji is still on good terms with Mashiro 😭

Yeji said Mashiro’s good personality and I felt their wonderful friendship!

I would like to see Mashiro of Kep1er and ITZY members standing on the stage together ♪