aespa Karina posted photos with Kep1er Chaehyun! Good friend photos of Chaehyun who were SM trainees and Karina became a hot topic!


Kep1er debuted from the audition program “Girls Planet 999”.

Chaehyun made her debut in 1st place and is playing an active role as the center of Kep1er.

Chaehyun has a background as a trainee of SM Entertainment, and she is also famous for interacting with aespa members.

And yesterday, at midnight on March 28th, aespa Karina posted photos with Kep1er Chaehyun on bubble!

Chaehyun said that when she made her debut as Kep1er, she received a congratulatory message from aespa member.

Fans expected aespa and Chaehyun to meet again on a music show someday.

This time, photos of Karina and Chaehyun were posted, and they are so cute😆

I would like to see aespa and Kep1er co-star on stage someday ♪